Monday, April 9, 2012

What if you knew how to use safelists?

A safelist is a group of people, generally with similar interests, mostly internet marketing, that sign up to a safelist site and agree to receive ad emails from you in return for being able to send youthe same.  It is very similar to traffic exchanges, the primary difference being on a traffic exchange site as you click for credits you are viewing sites being promoted.  Through a safelist your ad is sent via email and contains a link to the site or product you are promoting.

One might think this could be a waste of time.  After all, you're simply advertising to a group of people who are advertising their own product or site.  However, there are a couple of advantages.

One, because this is a closed community where it is safe to exchange ads with fellow members, hence the name "safelist", there is no risk of your advertisement being labeled as spam.  Second, because posting to a safelist is such a basic task, you mostly find new comers to internet marketing. Though they have something to sell, they are not far enough into their internet career to dismiss anything that may assist them in achieving their goals.  They are ambitious, curious and willing to learn, which in turn makes them a great audience.

Some of your most successful internet marketers still utilize safelists, though they usually have someone else performing the postings for them.  Maybe by utilizing them yourself, some day you'll be able to do the same....

Following is a list of popular safelist sites:


List Building Maximizer


Super Safe mailer

Target Safelist

Global Safelist

AdTroppers Safelist


Got Safelist

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