Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What if there were a simple way to keep your referrals?

I would like to think there is an easy and obvious answer to this question for all.  There is a way to keep your referrals coming back and participating in your program.  Better yet, not only is there a way to keep them coming back and interested, there is a way to have them work just as hard as you do.  

Most markting strategists tell you communication is the key to this, and this is true. However, the key ingredient has not been touched on too frequently, and that is to be genuine.  

There isn't a course, training or technique to having this quality come across to the people you have been lucky enough to have persuaded to join you in your venture.  Rather, it is simply a quality that just is, if in fact you are genuine about your intentions.

Truly being there to guide and assist your downline, so they become as successful as you, not only benefits them, it in turn benefits you as well.  So, take the time to extend yourself in answering their questions.  Introduce yourself, not with a cookie cutter email, but with a genuine interest in why they have made the decision to join you and in turn tell them about yourself.  Get back to the basics of why you are on this path, remembering what it was like to be new, confused and skeptical.  

If you came into this game with good intentions, remember to keep them.  Showing gratitude and a little humility towards the people behind you in line.  This my friends will go a long way to everyone's success.


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  2. Couldn't have said it better myself!!

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