Saturday, April 7, 2012

What if I really have hit the jackpot?

So...while doing my daily research I believe I may have stumbled onto a program that actually lives up to their promises.  I am excited, intrigued and following the method with ease, (which is a first for me).  The basic principle is still affiliate marketing, and many of the methods I've begun outlining on this avenue of earning an online income apply.  However, their approach is totally straightforward, systematic and from what I can tell, reliable.

The program is "The 10K Challenge", and signup/registration is completely free, I mean not a cent is requested, nor do they try and up sell you once you are a member.  Quite the contrary, there is a link to upgrade your account, but when you click on it you are actually warned that you do not need to upgrade for another 90 days, at which time you should have profited already and the money won't come out of pocket.  I almost fell off my chair when I saw this.

In addition to being able to access their program for free, they provide daily step by step written and video direction on each step in the process to building your business, and the time it takes to perform the daily tasks is approximately 35 minutes, (a couple of the days took me slightly longer, but I am a bit slow sometimes).  The checklist not only points you in the exact direction you need to go, but also explains why you are doing all the tasks, which is invaluable on many levels.  In essence, once you understand the step by step directions and why you are taking them, in theory these measures could be applied to any online marketing venture.

I would say, this program has great potential and lives up to my expectations.  Perfect for newbies and even those who have been at this for a while.  I'm finally impressed!!

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