Saturday, March 31, 2012

What if traffic exchanges were the key?

Good morning all....

Last topic focused on a few methods to earning an income online, which will be revisited from time to time.  Next step in the process is driving people to the business of your choice.  Whether it be a blog such as this, that monetizes through ads, a specific affiliate site or any other venture that you have undertaken, it   isn't going to do anything for you if others aren't aware.

I've found there are an abundant number of advertising your business/blog etc, for the purpose of this post the focus is traffic exchanges.

A traffic exchange is a type of website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. It is similar to the autosurf concept with the exception that traffic exchanges usually use a manual rotation.  For those of you who have no idea what this means, it's basically a site, which most times you can register for free, where you post your ad or link to where you are trying to drive people, then you surf other ads to gain points.  Each point earned can be exchanged for one visit to your site.  There are typically time requirements that you have to view each page, 15 to 60 seconds generally, before the point is awarded, and the same would apply when people on the site are viewing your site.

There is an over abundance of traffic exchange sites to choose from.  Some people choose to utilize a variety and spread themselves around.  I have done this, and have had pretty decent results.  You'll want to browse around for different options, as some sites offer better surf ratios than others, (ie: will give you two visitors for one ad viewed), but they are a little difficult to find and I've found aren't very well established.

Now, though this is a free method to driving traffic to your site, I will say, it can be somewhat tedious panning through pages of ads to gain the points.  However, I did it.....until I made enough money to purchase visitors.  Another great thing about traffic exchanges is that for a very low cost, (I spent $10 on 5000 hits), you can get a jump start on driving traffic to your sites.  I continue to do both, so I am earning credits, while my ads are circulating with my purchased visits.  This prevents me from spending money I have not made yet.

Following is a small list of traffic exchange sites that I've joined in order of which I like best.  If you would like to add a site, please do!!


  1. What Kind of sites do you promote in Traffic echanges that convert to sales for you?

  2. Hello there. Good question....since i'm fairly new to this and learning as I go, I currently am not promoting a ton of stuff. I'm mostly using this blog as a tool to learn the ropes. I'm also working with one affiliate site, which I mentioned in my last post and also have a link to on this page. They actually offer some really well recognized products to promote, such as Apple products. I decided I'd rather promote an actual product than items like ezine books. It's solid, but slow to start, which is ok for me while I'm figuring it all out. How about you, are you doing any online marketing?

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