Monday, March 26, 2012

What if there really was a way to earn a profitable income on the internet?

In the last decade advertisements on the internet about how to earn money has boomed.  From claims to earning upwards of $1,000 a day doing nothing more than cutting and pasting, to making money in your sleep.  I'm sure my interest hasn't been the only peaked by these claims, as who wouldn't like to be wealthy without having to really WORK for it?  

As a single mother of two, I'm always looking for ways to supplement my income.  However, as a single mother of two, my time is valuable and working a part time job for $8 an hour doesn't provide me the money I need to support my family, nor the time I need to do the same. With this said, I've decided to set a goal to find a way to earn an income that will allow me both the time and money I need to provide for my children now and their future, as well as my own.

I will begin by researching all the methods to earning money online.  I will post my findings daily, and hopefully you, the audience, will contribute your knowledge to my findings. 

Together maybe we can all gain some success!!



  1. Good Luck and keep me posted. I bought my First computer in 1999 with the sole purpose of making money. To date I have earned a total of $385.00 in 13 years and still looking for the promised land. :-)


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, and I have to tell you, you've made $384.95 more than I have so far...ha ha. The good thing is, I enjoy this part and I'm learning new things in this process. I will be sure to share whatever I stumble across that actually works. Unlike all the advertisements that claim they want to share for free, I really mean it when I say it. You should become a follower on this page, if nothing else, I'm sure I'll amuse you most days....thanks again!! Nikki